Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Vacation Day 1&2

I am on VACATION!! For now the kids and I are hanging out in Bossier for a few days and then we will all head to the beach!!! My mom has been really neglected as far as projects I wanted to do for her so this is her week. Below are pictures of what we have done so far. More to come!!
Painted an old bakers rack with grey and white dry brush and rearranged items she already had.

Finished distressed chairs. I found this awesome box in my parents garage (it was my brothers toy box when he was little). Two things are funny about that. 1. It is a beer box and 2. Did all his toys really fit in that......times have changed. My boys have a whole room for toys :-)

Large birdcage filled with random finds around my moms house. My mom came up with the "out of the box" idea to put a lamp in it. Love IT!

For the frame around the wall cherub I took an old Kirklands picture, took out picture and glass and dry brushed the frame with antique white. Spruced up a previously black bakers rack with grey and antique white.

Painted the iron wall hanging in aqua blue to match the new Adirondack chairs.

Mom and I finished 6 Adirondack chairs!

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