Monday, June 27, 2011

Cleaned out my Garage and Storage!!

Cleaned out my garage, storage and part of my attic yesterday........found lots of unfinished frames.  So, I have lots of frames that can be painted and ready for fast shipping/delivery.  Look at the list below.  These are all unfinished, so you can pick your color and/or style.  If they don't have moulding it can probably be added if I have it in stock - Just ask.  First come first serve.
E-mail me for questions or to claim one of these.  They will ship out in 5 days or less.  Shipping is not included in prices listed below.

5 - 6 inch 8x10 with chunk moulding $75 a piece - Sold 2
2 - 8 inch 11x14 (no moulding, but can add it)  $125 - $145 depending on what moulding you choose
1 - 6 inch 8x8 (no moulding, but can be added - it would look good with no moulding as well) - $60 - $75 - Sold
1 - 6 inch 11x14 (no moulding, but can be added) $95 - $110 - depending on what moulding you choose - Sold
1 - 6 inch 11x14 chunk $120

Pictures are of frames I have done in the past to give you an idea of moulding and or applique finish.  These are not the actual frames for sale.

 Turquoise chunk moulding

 Black chunk moulding with gold inset.

 Vintage white chunk moulding with gold inset

 Red with stained regular moulding

Black with regular moulding

 Vintage white frame with applique and beading trim

Vintage white with gold rope moulding.  I can add wording to any frame for an additional fee.

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