Wednesday, December 28, 2011

DIY Classes

Merry Christmas......a little late :-)  Been too busy to blog!

Below is a listing for the first quarter DIY classes.  A complete description as well as sample pictures can be found on my website

Thursday, December 8, 2011

It is a SALE

Welcome to the online SALE! Most items in the sale today are 5x7 and one of a kind.  I will be positng on here as well as facebook.  Please comment here, e-mail me or comment on facebook if you would like an item.  Items are ready to ship and will be shipped on Monday.  Payment must be made within 24 hours of recieving an invoice or I will re-post the item.
Shipping is $8.50

1.  small 5x7 brown with bronze design and gold leaf applique $28.00 (SOLD)

2.  small 5x7 grey with multi color metal $38.00 (SOLD)

3.  small 5x7 with gold leafing and rusty metal (this frame can go horizontal or vertical) $34.00 (SOLD)

4.  small 5x7 distressed white with burlap cross and nailhead $28.00

5.  small 5x7 blue/grey with burlap rosettes (this frame can go horizontal or vertical) $32.00 (SOLD)

6.  small 5x7 metallic bronze and black distress black bow center fleur de is $34.00 (SOLD)

7.  large 5x7 black and red distress wit recycled paper fleu de lis $38.00

8.  small 5x7 brown with blue design and metal butterfly $32.00

9.  large 5x7 mustard with applique $38.00 (SOLD)

10.  small 5x7 deep red with brown/black bow an large crown center $32.00

11.  small 5x7 distressed white with ivory/burlap bow center is rhinestone and pearl $38.00 (SOLD)

12.  small 5x7 green with metallic bronze design (can go horizontal or vertical) $28.00 (SOLD)

13.  small 5x7 distressed black with black/gold fleur de lis $32.00 (SOLD)

14.  small 5x7 distressed white with aged fabric rose (can go horizontal or vertical) $32.00 I HAVE TWO OF THESE.(SOLD 2)

15.  small 5x7 multi layer distress with aged fabric flower (this frame can go horizontal or vertical) $32.00 (SOLD)

16.  small 5x7 black with large felt flower $30.00 (SOLD)

17.  small 5x7 horizontal black and white stripe $28.00 (I have two of these)

18.  large 5x7 turquoise and black distressed with medallion $32.00

19.  small 5x7 sage green with burlap stip and metal flower $30.00

20.  large 5x7 black distress with large burlap rose $38.00 (I have two of these) (sold 2)

21.  large 5x7 multi layer paint distress (mustard, brown, red) $38.00 (SOLD)
24x28 plank board whimsy fleur $65.00 (SOLD)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Online SALE Tomorrow (Thursday)

I have lots of 5x7 frames that I will be posting tomorrow around noon.  Great gifts!!  Most of them are one of a kind.

Teaser pics

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Stuff from the last few weeks!

 I have been wanting to make some of these felt flowers for my bedroom in silver or grey but needed something over my mantle for Christmas so here they are.  So easy!  I plan to post a tutorial soon.

 My Mantle!  I finally have stocking hangers of my own.  I have sold hundreds of them but never seemed to find time to get the ones I want on my mantle.  Now lets see if I can get pictures in them before the season is over.

Recently completed Fireplace Mantles

Double rope with dark brown glaze

Light tan with black glaze

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Super Fun Desk Makover

Desk Before

AFTER!!!Multi layer paint techinique and hand painted motif on front.

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