Thursday, December 18, 2008

La-Te-Da Whishes you a Merry Christmas!!

Wow! What a year. Thank you to my wonderful customers. I am almost finished with all orders that are to be completed before Christmas (yipee!!)
I will be on vacation Monday, December 22 - Saturday, December 27 but will return full force the next week. I will be checking my new blackberry (thanks to my sweet husband) does not leave my side.

Check back soon. I have lots and lots of new frame designs to post.

Check out my ad in the December and January issue of SB family and kids magazine!!

Wishing you and your family a very merry Christmas and blessed new year - Stacey

Oh - one more thing. Take pictures of the frames that you purchased from me with your photos in them and send my way I will be posting all customer photos on my blog in january and plan to have a few giveaways to people who participate. I never get to see the finished prodcut with photo and all.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

No More Holiday Orders...but I wish I could!!

If I could multiply myself by at least 3 I would be able to continue taking orders. As of today, unless I have already talked to you about an order, I can't take any more orders that need to be ready before Christmas. Of course, I am still taking orders to be ready after the Holidays!!!

I do have some frames in stock that I can sell so contact me if you really need a frame and are not super picky about what it is. I will try to post a list of what I have.

I have lots of new ideas that I will begin working on in January as well as getting the flat screen TV frames up and going.

Spring Parties!!!
I am starting to book parties for February, March and April so if you want to host a party let me know soon so I can get your date on my calendar.

Thanks to all of you!

Oh! I almost forgot. Check out the press my family and I are getting this month.
My husband wrote a short blurb in SB magazine this month and there is a pic of my kids and husband - I did not pick that picture.
My sister and I are in the city lights magazine (photo from boutique de noel)
La-Te-Da has an ad in SB family and kids this month and next month I sponsored the cover page for SB family and kids and my two kids (Cooper almost 3 and Marshall almost 1) will be on the cover.