Monday, November 19, 2007

Thanks to everyone who stopped by at Les Boutique De Noel. If you placed an order, I will contact you when it is ready and it will be ready before Christmas. Thanks to Elaine Pierce of Elaine Pierce Photography for allowing us to use her wonderful pictures to display in our frames.
8x10 Harvest color with large scroll. $75

Small 5x7 mustard with small fleur. $35

8x10 soft pink with pink crystal knobs. $90

Large 11x14 (measures 26x29) red with rope inside and outside.

8x10 with double layer rope (measures 19x21) white. $85

Small Fleur De Lis - measures 18x16 on the outside. Fleur di les in the center can be removed and this frame holds a 5x7 photo. Great Gift!!! $55

Large Fleur di les - measures 26x29. Fleur de lis in center can be removed and it frame will hold 11x14 photo. $198

Soft Blue large 11x14 with scroll and silver accent - measures 26x29

Great Baby Gift!!!
Small 5x7 Frame - Add a scripture, quote, baby name and birth date, etc. $40

Friday, November 9, 2007


Orders placed by November 22 will be ready before Christmas.

New Frame Photos

Don't miss us at Les Boutique De Noel November 15 - 18.
Small 5x7 soft pink with chocolate bow. $45

Large 5x7 (measures 16x18) soft pink with rope, silver accent. $45

Square frame with fleur in center. Fleur will come out and frame holds 8x8 photo.

**New** We can add any verse or quote to the frame you choose.

Small 5x7 with Fleur de lis at top. $35

8x10 (measures 19x21) Mustard with rope. $75

Large 8x10 (measures 23x25) Soft pink with large scroll.

**New** Baseball Frame. Holds 8x10 photo

Large 8x10 with rope inside and outside (measures 23x25).

Large 5x7 double layer with rope, gold accent. $55

8x10 double layer with rope, gold accent. $85

Small 5x7 black with fleur de lis at top. $35

Friday, March 23, 2007

Frame Photos

Light pink, 5x5 with crystal knobs.Deep red with fleur de lis
Pale yellow with light pink scalloped border.
Off White with rope accent.
Red with Horseshoe

Light pink, chocolate brown and pink bow with rhinestone center.Off white, double layer rope accent.
Black, double layer with rope accent.
Black with moulding. 10x10 frame with 8inch wood.
Red with rope accent. 8x10 with 8 inch wood.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

More Designs

Golden rod with rope, gold accent.
Pink with large scroll, silver accent.
Moon rock with chocolate brown bow and rhinestone button in center.
Light pink, chocolate bow and rhinestone button in center.

This Frame is so sweet! Ribbon colors that we have available are chocolate brown, gold, pink and soft pine (shown). This frame is huge and was custom made to frame a unique Louisiana themed dish towel.

New frame designs!

This one turned out fabulous! The frame was custom made for this gorgeous oil painting.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Large 5x7 Frames

Frame measures 16x18

Light Pink with Scroll #1, silver accent

Black with medallion, silver accent

Blue with Medallion, Gold and copper accent

Baby blue with shell, silver and gold accent