Monday, November 19, 2007

8x10 Harvest color with large scroll. $75

Small 5x7 mustard with small fleur. $35

8x10 soft pink with pink crystal knobs. $90

Large 11x14 (measures 26x29) red with rope inside and outside.

8x10 with double layer rope (measures 19x21) white. $85

Small Fleur De Lis - measures 18x16 on the outside. Fleur di les in the center can be removed and this frame holds a 5x7 photo. Great Gift!!! $55

Large Fleur di les - measures 26x29. Fleur de lis in center can be removed and it frame will hold 11x14 photo. $198

Soft Blue large 11x14 with scroll and silver accent - measures 26x29

Great Baby Gift!!!
Small 5x7 Frame - Add a scripture, quote, baby name and birth date, etc. $40

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