Monday, June 27, 2011

Cleaned out my Garage and Storage!!

Cleaned out my garage, storage and part of my attic yesterday........found lots of unfinished frames.  So, I have lots of frames that can be painted and ready for fast shipping/delivery.  Look at the list below.  These are all unfinished, so you can pick your color and/or style.  If they don't have moulding it can probably be added if I have it in stock - Just ask.  First come first serve.
E-mail me for questions or to claim one of these.  They will ship out in 5 days or less.  Shipping is not included in prices listed below.

5 - 6 inch 8x10 with chunk moulding $75 a piece - Sold 2
2 - 8 inch 11x14 (no moulding, but can add it)  $125 - $145 depending on what moulding you choose
1 - 6 inch 8x8 (no moulding, but can be added - it would look good with no moulding as well) - $60 - $75 - Sold
1 - 6 inch 11x14 (no moulding, but can be added) $95 - $110 - depending on what moulding you choose - Sold
1 - 6 inch 11x14 chunk $120

Pictures are of frames I have done in the past to give you an idea of moulding and or applique finish.  These are not the actual frames for sale.

 Turquoise chunk moulding

 Black chunk moulding with gold inset.

 Vintage white chunk moulding with gold inset

 Red with stained regular moulding

Black with regular moulding

 Vintage white frame with applique and beading trim

Vintage white with gold rope moulding.  I can add wording to any frame for an additional fee.

Friday, June 24, 2011

DIY Classes

Furniture Refinishing Classes are back.  I will be posting multilpe dates for furniture classes as well as other DIY classes on my new website  The website is still under construction so the only link that has anything is DIY Classes.
Space is limited to 10 per class so sign up early.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Vacation Day 3

Few more projects around my moms house.

Painted buffett in kitchen. This is a realy pretty antique buffett. It was lovely stained but her kitchen needed some color and there was way too much "stained stuff" in there. So My sister and I went to work.

Frames I finished way back for a Shreveport customer. Raised chunky moulding in vintage white, champagne gold and glorious gold.

My brother and I's wedding pictures framed on my moms wall. We needed to add my sisters picture and decided to change all the frames.

Kitchen stool needed a little lovin - Ha Ha

Recovered and goes much better.

Wicker chair in garden room. Color was bad and cushion color needed updating. See below. Recovered cushion, added black buttons and painted chair black.

Here are my kids having a little FUN!!

Cooper (5) riding an antique vespa with Papa.

Marshall (3) riding with papa.

My kids love taking swim lessons with Sara Beth in Benton. If anyone is looking for an awesome swim teacher let me know. She does them at her house in Benton. My 3 year old was swimming by himself after 2 lessons.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Vacation Day 1&2

I am on VACATION!! For now the kids and I are hanging out in Bossier for a few days and then we will all head to the beach!!! My mom has been really neglected as far as projects I wanted to do for her so this is her week. Below are pictures of what we have done so far. More to come!!
Painted an old bakers rack with grey and white dry brush and rearranged items she already had.

Finished distressed chairs. I found this awesome box in my parents garage (it was my brothers toy box when he was little). Two things are funny about that. 1. It is a beer box and 2. Did all his toys really fit in that......times have changed. My boys have a whole room for toys :-)

Large birdcage filled with random finds around my moms house. My mom came up with the "out of the box" idea to put a lamp in it. Love IT!

For the frame around the wall cherub I took an old Kirklands picture, took out picture and glass and dry brushed the frame with antique white. Spruced up a previously black bakers rack with grey and antique white.

Painted the iron wall hanging in aqua blue to match the new Adirondack chairs.

Mom and I finished 6 Adirondack chairs!

New Logo

Sunday, June 5, 2011

New Pics

Dresser I purchased at Goodwill (BEFORE)

Inspiration Pillows purchased from Home Goods (TJ Maxx)

Finished Dresser. I know it is a bit bright for some and not my usual style but I am so in love with it. It is just perfect for my Eclectic, Hollywood glam master bedroom makeover. Stay tuned for the final bedroom pictures.

18 x 48 custom vertical family name sign

Large 24x30 custom family name sign.

2ft x 4ft Custom plank board.

I have completed so much this last week so look for more pictures end of the week. Thanks everyone for your patience