Friday, July 15, 2011

Super Hero's Save Mommy's Day

Here is an under $5 "save your day" summer activity. 
Daddy's under shirt Super Hero Cape!
Introducing Super Man Marshall and Green Lantern Cooper.

It's So Easy.  Cut out the entire front of daddy's under shirt including the sleeves BUT leave the neck part.  That is what they will slip over their head.
Using felt cut out the logo of the super hero your child wants to be.
Use the left over "front of t-shirt" to cut a long strip to use as the mask.
Use left over felt as arm bands.
Tip:  I used a hot glue gun opposed to fabric glue because I needed these done quickly and the fabric glue would take too long to dry.
Send me pictures of your "Save Mommy's Day" super hero capes!

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  1. you seriously never cease to amaze me! Love this idea!