Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Products!!

I recently purchased a vinyl cutter mainly to use on my frames and make stencils for faux finishing furniture, walls and other projects. I don't plan to have a big vinyl cutting business for wall graphics but.....I just can't help it! I am so excited about all the endless possibilities with this machine so I must share.

Place an order for vinyl wall words between now and January 30th (Extended until Monday, February 8th) and pay $5.00 per small item (10inches x 10 inches or smaller), $10 for medium size items (16 inches x 16 inches) and $15 for large items. I can cut up to 24 inches one way and as long as you would want - up to 10 yards. Colors I have in stock for the promotion special are Black, Dark brown, light brown (tan) and white. ***This is a great deal*** Especially for the some of the detailed fonts I have listed below.

I am in the process of putting this on a wall in my house (pictures to follow). This is a very detailed font and does take patience and time to place on your wall, mirror or wherever you would want to stick it.

Font examples for single letter monogram, three letter monogram and names. I have hundreds of fonts. I will be glad to send you a few proofs in different fonts.

Family name crest. Available in any size up to 24 inches.

I used this crest for the back splash in my kitchen.

If you are unfamiliar with vinyl wall words it is basically a sticker that can be stuck on almost any surface. I will include detailed application instructions with each order. It does not stick very well to heavily textured walls - especially if it is a gloss or high gloss paint.

E-mail me with questions

The following are samples I put together for customers.

next image is of a name sign I did. This sign is fully painted no vinyl lettering. This one measures 8x12 ($32). Name signs are also available in the following sizes: 8x24 $38, 12x12 $38, 12x18 $42, 12x24 $52

Computer generated image of a name sign example.

Computer generated image of a name sign - Great Teach Gift!!!

I have had several people ask if I can print fleur de lis on the vinyl cutter so here are the diffrent fleur de lis designs I have.


  1. I'm do jealous! I have wanted one for some time. Now I can do my ordering from you! yay!

  2. stacey!! i am obsessed with silhouettes right now. you have to let me know when you have that up and running bc i want some!
    also, i want four pretty R's for the backs of my kitchen chairs in black. not sure what size. i'll call you about them next week. so fun!