Friday, January 8, 2010

Finally my Completed Mantle

So, we have lived in our house almost 4 months and I have finally finished my fireplace and accent wall. Below is a before pictures and if you scroll through older post you will see pics of the progress along the way.
What was done:
1. Added decorative overlay to fireplace
2. painted fireplace
3. antiqued fireplace
4. Painted dark walnut on wall behind fireplace

Look how boring!!!!


  1. I Love it !! It looks, great!! Really stands out!!

  2. ok so it looks BEAUTIFUL! I am planning on painting my dining room at the new house dark brown...what color is that and from where? I have had so much trouble finding a good brown color.

  3. ok, so it is BEAUTIFUL...i am planning on painting my dining room in the new house brown, but cannot find a good brown color. What color is that and where from??? thanks so much!