Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Shipping Pallet Table

 Thank you again Pinterest for my Pallet Project inspiration.  I have more pallet projects coming soon.
I don't have step by step pictures but here are the steps:
1.  Two pallets similar size, sand them down and clean up.
2.  screw them together
3.  Add casters (I am prob. going to change the casters on mine to some with a break)
4.  Dry brush color
4.  I chose to paint the french motif on the top - I downloaded my graphic from The Graphic Fairy
5.  Antique with glaze and stain



  1. So cute! I want to see pics of how/where you will use it.

  2. How did you transfer the lettering onto the boards? Or is that free-hand copying? If so, WOW!