Monday, September 27, 2010

I need your input

Please help me by voting for your TWO favorite designs. Don't consider cost, new designs vs. old or size of frame - only design. While voting think of what designs you feel are unique and that you would purchase for a gift or for yourself.

This will help me as I prepare what designs I will have in the Dallas Market in January.

How to vote: Use the letter to the left of the item description below. Comment on this post, e-mail:, Text 318-422-0498, or facebook me. Leave your name when you vote if you want to be entered into the $30 gift card drawing.

Your input is very very important to me. If you don't see your favorite design in the pictures below let me know.

Thanks - Stacey

A. Camilia metal flower design in turquoise with black undertones.

B. Navy Baseball Frame

C. Blessed Frame

D. Black with rope extra moulding

E. Soft color Chunk Moulding

F. Faux Tin

G. Plank board painting. If you are not into the horse, look past that. The horse can be any design (rocket ship, dinosaur, bird, fleur de lis, etc.) Just look at the concept.

H. Two color dot with wavy molding

I. Swirl design with nailhead

J. Birth Announcement Frame

K. Black chunk with gold inset

L. Single name frame

M. Long plank board art

N. Metal flower frame in Black

O. Bless this child frame


  1. So hard to choose just 2!! I vote E & F. Great work :o)

  2. B and E are my favorites!!! SUPER cute. I absolutely love you work! LKJ

  3. Hey Stacey,

    I think they are all fabulous!!! If I have to pick only two, then I guess I would vote for N and K. I really like G as well. Although I don't personally care for the horse, I love the idea of it. Hope my input helps! Take care.


  4. They are ALL wonderful!!! K & M are my faves! I want that plank board! Still need to measure my space. Lori Machen

  5. I love them all. K and N really stand out though.
    Cindy Whittaker