Monday, May 17, 2010

Found my Camera Cord

I finally found my camera cord! It was under a mound of toys upstairs in the playroom. Hmmmm, wonder how it got there. Marshall is the sneaky one so I blame him :-)
I don't think I have posted pictures in almost a month so here goes.

Bow frame with rhinestone cross in center.

****NEW DESIGN****
Silver, gold and bronze faux metal frame. Available in any size and any metallic finish.

I had a wild hair and made a ton of burlap pillows. I have a 9 foot church pew that I am in the process of refinishing and most of these will go on there. Let me know if you are interested in some custom burlap pillows. Any design, word, saying, verse, monogram, etc. in black or brown. Burlap is available in light and dark.

Dining room table refinish. Here is the table top before and below is what the chairs look like before.

Table after. Black and brown distress with aged table legs and chair legs.

Large horse painting. I originally was making this for a western kids room but ended up loving it in my kitchen. Painting is 32x32 and is done on plank boards. I can do a variety of diffrent designs.

The next set of before/after pictures are wooden cornice boards from my friends house. These are original cornice boards from the house that was built in the 50's. If you are interested in custom cornice boards I have a fabulous carpenter who can build them.

Raised metallic design.

Custom fireplace finish and accent wall before and after pics below.

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