Monday, April 13, 2009

Unique Distressed Frames - New!!


  1. OK-
    I LOVE the one with Cooper and Marshall! We found a house that we are BUYING! and are no longer going to build...yet we still have a lot. Can I place an order for that frame(I want brown instaed of black) in an 11 x 14 opening. The picture will be vertical . Let me if you want me to pay now!

  2. Stacey-
    The one I like is already is the one connected with this post. The boys are in's not the one at the top page of your blog. Is this confussing enough:)! Yes, we found a house and I am SUPER excited about it! Right across the street from the elementary school they will go to. The couple is getting a divorce :( and I talked with her at church and she told me she wanted to sell it. Looked at it that night and made an offer the next day! Will post pictures one day!